About Data Submission
  1. Submittable data
    MGeND aims to collect disease-related variant data from various disease areas and research groups. However, since MGeND is an unrestricted open database, only data satisfying both of the data registration policy established by AMED “Program for an Integrated Database of Clinical and Genomic Information (IDCGI program)” and approval of the MGeND Registration Committee (here in after, the Registration Committee) can be accepted. First, please check the following data registration guidance and registration application form to confirm whether your data can be registered. If you have any questions, please contact the MGeND Registration Management Committee (mgend-info@hosp.ncgm.go.jp) * ... Created by data collection research groups in AMED IDCGI program.
  2. Data registration procedure
    If your data satisfies the above policy, please apply the data submission form to the Registration Committee. MGeND will notify you about the registration procedure after receiving the approval notification from the registration committee.
    The general flow is as follows;
    1. Please send the submission form the Registration Committee (mgend-info@hosp.ncgm.go.jp).
    2. The Registration Committee confirm your application ( We only check whether registration is possible based on the information of ethical examination etc.)
      • If necessary, the Registration Committee request to provide the ethics-related documents.
    3. You will be notified when your data registration is approved by the Registration Committee (step 1 to 3 are required only for the first time, but new application is required per research plan)
    4. MGeND will inform you about the submission procedure, please prepare your data based on the following data submission format
Data submission format
  1. Standard submission format
    MGeND accepts the variant information from the following;
    • Variant(s) (SNV/INDEL/Fusion) obtained by NGS analysis
    • Variant set(s) by GWAS analysis
    • Allele frequency information of HLA typing
    The submission items differ depending on the data
    Please download the submission formats and sample files from the following;